About KT

Chengdu KT Electronic Hi-Tech Co., Ltd.,is a national high-tech Company, was founded in 1992, which specialized in R&D, production and sales, engineering design, installation and service in broadcasting, fields of FTTH,and TV equipment including CATV and broadband network equipment.

It has been more than 25 years since established in 1992, KT has continuous developed high-quality through years, and KT has rich experience R&D team with exploration spirit, a number of modern management teams and staff with high-tech production technology.


Based on 25 years’ marketing experience of executive management team and high skilled senior R&D team, KT delivered cutting edge technology and high quality FTTH series of products and solution, as well as broadcast industry,therefore KT is qualified for good ODM service to customers according to requirements on Hardware and Software.

KT has 70 mu of industrial park, and 70,000 square meters of research and development production base, around 700 employees, KT products have been exported to Russia, Spain, Romania, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, U.S.A, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, Cameroon, Gibraltar, Etc.



Chengdu KT Electronic will exploit the advantages, keep making progress, and efforts to become the world's top 100 special communications equipment companies.



Our values are our customers and our customers aim always our mission, and we believe on our core value “Growing with our Customers”, our strength to serve and continue to lead the broadcast communication equipment industry, to help global network operator.




Global Market:

KTs’ all products are exported to across everywhere in worldwide throughout our regional enterprise network, direct distribution business model and Telcom operators in worldwide, basically KT known brand for quality and services after sales with zero tolerance in quality and services, KT successfully achieved millstones inpast years and understood global market transformation based on technology.


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